We're delighted to be part of the Medibank Choice Provider, nib First Choice Network and HCF More for Muscles program, which means if you have extras insurance with these health funds, you'll pay less for Physio!

Our goal is to deliver an exceptionally friendly and prompt, professional service providing you with the best in Physiotherapy care. Our experience tells us that there are some key areas we need to focus on to ensure that you receive the greatest benefit from our services.

Mobile Phones: Out of respect for others, please turn off your mobile phone.

Recovery: Remember that healing and recovery takes time and not everyone heals/recovers at the same rate. If at any time during your care, you do not feel that you are responding as well as expected we would ask that you discuss this with your physiotherapist. We want you to get the most from your care at Restorativ Physiotherapy

Fees and Your Account: Fees for private patients are due at the time of service. Tyro MediPass and EFTPOS facilities are available at the front desk for automatic claiming through your private health fund and Medicare. Workcover and DVA patient accounts will be sent directly to the appropriate body.

Appointment Scheduling: Your physiotherapist will outline a recommended action plan as the best plan for your injury. You will achieve the maximum results when you keep your recommended action plan to this schedule. Therefore, to receive the most out of your care and to save time we ask that you schedule your appointments in advance.

Missed Appointments: Missed appointments will set you back in your recovery, so we ask that wherever possible you keep all your appointments. If an appointment must be changed, 24 hours’ notice is appreciated. If less than 24 hours’ notice is given for a cancellation, a cancellation fee may be charged. Consideration will be given for unavoidable circumstances. All missed appointments must be made up later in the same day or within 24 hours to avoid a cancellation fee. This fee is not covered by compensable bodies and must be paid by the patient. People who repeatedly miss or reschedule appointments will regretfully be discharged from care as we realise you will not reach your health goals and we do not wish to waste your time.

Clinic Policies